Everlasting stakes your Ethereum in a self-custodial service you can trust

Need to stake your Ethereum but don't want to trust a centralised service?

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Everlasting are experts in self-custodial staking

Partial Custody

We help you set up multi-signature controls, meaning that you maintain control over your wallet at any given time.


If desired, we can engage staking providers to ensure that you can enjoy ongoing returns from your crypto estate, while being protected.


Security is only as strong as the weakest link. At Everlasting our multi-layered security protections and processes mitigate many of the most common threats.

Everlasting's Staking services

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Distributed Validators run in global clusters to secure the network and ensure maximum uptime.

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We help implement multisig controls for your withdrawal address.

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We are monitoring the performance of all validators to optimise the rewards and avoid slashing.

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With real time reporting you can check your staking performance on demand.