Everlasting ensures your loved ones have access to your crypto when you're no longer with them

Planning your future


Explain your situation

We'll lock in a strategy call to discuss your crypto journey and options for the future.


Lay your foundation

Work with our trusted partners to create the legal documentation needed for your Digital Asset Estate Plan.


Execute your plan

Together, we initiate a Everlasting Trust Structure to ensure legally sound controls to maintain your legacy.


Track your journey

Your crypto estate is monitored with transparent monthly reporting provided.


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Partial Custody

We help you set up multi-signature controls, meaning that you maintain control over your wallet at any given time.


If desired, we can engage staking providers to ensure that you can enjoy ongoing returns from your crypto estate, while being protected.


Security is only as strong as the weakest link. At Everlasting our multi-layered security protections and processes mitigate many of the most common threats.

Let Everlasting do the heavy lifting for your Crypto Estate

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How Everlasting works with you

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Our onboarding team work with you to tailor the your estate management plan and any updates to your Will.

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We help implement controls for your estate in line with your plan so your crypto wealth is secured and safe.

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If your plan is to grow your assets with a long-term focus on wealth preservation & inheritance, we can activate staking your assets.

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With real time reporting you can check your crypto estate on demand.